About us


Self Care Ltd. was founded in 2017 as supplier for the INSTI HIV self-test. We exclusively supply to the Benelux. Through our website we deliver directly to consumers in all countries (with the exception of Canada and the United States). In addition, there are several retail points in the Netherlands where the INSTI HIV self-test is available. 



Preventing the spread of HIV and AIDS, by giving people the opportunity to easily check their own health with a self-test.

A self-test is more accessible and less taboo than a visit to a doctor or other health service. 

If more people check themselves regularly, we will prevent the spread of the infection and there will be better opportunities for treatment. 



  • With the INSTI HIV self-test we offer the only CE-approved HIV self-test in the Netherlands. The CE mark indicates that the product meets all legal requirements to be marketed within the European Union.
  • The INSTI HIV self-test is developed and produced by bioLytical Laboratories
  • The INSTI HIV self-test is the fastest HIV test in the world with a result within 60 seconds and has an accuracy of more than 99%. (source: https://biolytical.com/products/insti-hiv-1hiv-2/)



Company information

https://www.hivtest.com.hk is a part of Self Care Ltd.

Phone: +31 (6) 38441395
Email: info@oneselfhealth.com

Contact person: Rogier de Groot
VAT number: 857044837B01