How will I know if my test was done correctly?

The INSTI┬«┬áHIV Self Test has a built-in control dot to show that the test has been performed correctly and that you have added the proper amount of fingerstick blood. If the control dot does not appear, your test has not worked. Please discard your test and retest with a new test. If only the control […]

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What if your result is negative?

Continue to make efforts to stay negative by reducing risks of exposure to HIV, such as practicing safe sex and other prevention methods. If you believe that you have been exposed in the past 3 months, repeat testing after 3 months. It is recommended to test every 3-12 months if you are high risk to […]

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What if your result is positive?

Go to your doctor or nearest testing facility to receive confirmatory testing. Remember that any HIV self test is a screening test only and is not a conclusive diagnosis.

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