Gonorrhea home test

HKD $130.00

  • Gonorrhea antigen-test which tests the presence of the gonorrhea bacteria
  • Quality control with ISO certification
  • Very simple to use
  • Accurate result in 10 minutes
  • Discreet & Fast shipping

The iCare Gonorrhea self-test detects gonorrhea bacteria in men and women.

Reliable result with a high clinical accuracy > 99 %

Gonorrhea is caused by a bacteria called “Neisseria gonorrhoeae”. It is mostly passed on during sex (oral, anal and vaginal intercourse).

Risk factors that increase your chance of contracting a gonorrhea infection:

  • A new sexual partner
  • Multiple sex partners
  • A sexual partner who has multiple partners
  • A previous gonorrhea infection
  • Having other sexually transmitted diseases

The test gives accurate result within 10 minutes. Discreet packaging is guaranteed.